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Membership Information

To become a member of the club please contact the Captain to discuss your level of experience. If you are new to the sport you will first need to attend a "Come try it" session.

You will then need to complete a Adult Membership form or Junior Membership form, which should be returned to the club together with your fees which can either be paid in full by cheque (payable to 'Northampton Rowing Club') or monthly by standing order.

Membership subscriptions are due annually on the 1st November.

Fees for 2017/2018 Season
  • Family Membership £600 or £50/month
  • Adult Membership £300 or £25/month
  • Junior Membership £204 or £17/month (under review)
  • Student Membership £51/Quarter
  • Guests £5/visit
Membership Notes:

Family Membership covers 2 adults and any number of children under the age of 18, in full time education, and normally resident at the same address.

To be eligible for junior membership, you must be under the age of 18 and in full time education.

A single quarterly student payment can cover holiday time when back from University.

Guests must be supervised by a member at all times. Guests may not represent the Club in competition. The guest fee is a means for experienced non-members to try rowing at the club before taking out membership. It is not intended to be a long term alternative to membership and may be withdrawn by the Committee if abused.

Concessions (e.g. disability, retired, unwaged, cox only, coach only, and social only) will be considered by the Committee on an individual basis.

Boat Storage

A member may store a boat not belonging to the Club in the Boathouse at their own risk subject to space being available (discretion of the Committee), and payment of a racking fee of £100 per seat/annum and environment agency boat registration, see here for details and current prices. Contact the Captain to apply for a space.

Club Rules

All members new & old should make themselves familiar with the club rules and code of conduct.

1976 Club

The 1976 Club is a voluntary fundraising activity that aims to provide the Club with funds but also gives out prizes to encourage membership. The cost to join is £5/month. There is a monthly prize which is 30% of the 1976 Club’s monthly income and a quarterly prize which is 3 x (20% of the 1976 Club’s monthly income). The remaining 50% of the monthly income goes to the Rowing Club funds.

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